Following in the bullet tradition…

  • I had two dreams last night: in one, I was totally getting it on with Jake Gyllenhall but it was for some kind of report. Like, I had to critique his style and performance so he could prove himself in Hollywood; like his career was waning and this would revive it. In the second one, I got a book published and my people had said I could go ahead and call the model I wanted to be on the cover. Ha ha. Like THAT will ever happen!
  • I’m back to getting hot lattes and OMG, they’re so good. I am in a totally committed relationship with coffee.
  • Someone in my department – someone I talk to almost daily – was arrested yesterday on charges of child pornography. I’m not talking barely legal girls… I’m talking kids and infants. Dude, I have pictures of my kids on my door. I am so weirded out by the fact that he and I talked about normal things like marathons and teaching stuff. ::shudder::
  • I ran on the elliptical last night with little to no knee pain, which made my heart soar!
  • My life feels overloaded lately and I need to find new ways to decompress.
  • My students got to choose the song that they wrote their freewrite to in class and they picked a Taylor Swift song. The video was all about her, a princess, finding her prince. And though I didn’t know the song, I recognized the guy who played the prince as underwear model Justin Gaston. The fact that I recognized him because of his modeling sort of irked me in light of the earlier mentioned scandal. But I’m not creepy. And he’s well over the age of consent at 20 years old.
  • Forgot my lunch today so now I have to go acquire food and i hate that driving around town looking for what I have a taste for. I’m so indecisive.
  • The deadline for that fiction contest I mentioned is October 9th and I seriously need to get crackin’ on these last few scenes.
  • It may be 80 outside but I think Fall is officially here. I heart you so much, Fall.

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