I’m still squicked by that TA who was arrested. It takes a lot to get me really skeeved… I mean, I’ve been desensitized to pretty much everything for a long time now. But an overwhelmingly dark and depressing feeling keeps showing up…now and then, randomly. I was changing Isaac’s diaper and got a weird tightness in my chest. How can anyone do that to a baby? How can anyone sexualize them in that way? There are no rational words. All I want to scream is “WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU?” But perhaps the answer is that simple: there IS something wrong. Insanity, some kind of chemical imbalance. In this world there is good and evil and to me, that’s pretty fucking evil.


Three days. In a row. That’s how long Elliot has gone to school and worn underwear. All day. With no accidents. He had one at home but he was in the hall on his way to the bathroom so I cut him some slack. I am sad to say he’s still being a little shit – behaviour-wise – but his potty training is coming along just swimmingly.


Just letting you know:

MonMostly Sunny

Mostly Sunny


Let me tell you how much this excites me. I’m excited!!


I took Isaac to the doctor on Monday because we missed his 4 month appointment. You know why? For one, when Ash made it, they didn’t give him a little card. And then, they never called to remind me. Which they ALWAYS do. So when I called them, suspicious about it, they’re like, “Oh yeah we have you down as a no-show.” Bastards. But anyway, his appointment went well. His head is nice and average, which is shocking because we think it’s huge. Like, Mastermind huge. He’s 25th percentile in height. And of course, a mere 5th percentile in weight. My children are just tiny, what can I say? Elliot was the same way. But I have started the boy on jar food. yesterday he had sweet potatoes and god, you’d think he was starving with the way he pulled the spoon into his mouth and gobbled down that entire jar. It was insane.


I just wrote myself a note and stuck it on my desk. It reads: Dear Self – Get to work!

3 thoughts on “Blabbering

  1. Oh, and another thing about that guy – he claimed he was doing a study on the age of consent. As if there’s a doubt that a baby would be at the age of consent? Really?

  2. Yeah, exactly. It shocks me that people in the comments even defended that. They’re obviously fellow students and I just don’t see how that makes sense to them.

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