Tuesday of Randomness!!


  • Say the title of this post in a deep echoey voice. Wasn’t that fun?
  • I just left my office at 9 AM and ran to Borders to get this brand new book. Let me tell you how excited I am: >>EXTREME EXCITEMENT<<
  • This means I am currently reading three books. I may be slightly overloaded here.
  • So, Elliot, who just last week wailed and howled at the unholy *thought* of sitting on the potty, spent all yesterday in underwear and didn’t have one single accident. I can tell that everything is going to be on his terms only. The little brat…
  • It was 62 effing degrees this morning! Suffice to say I did a little dance. Then bitched about all those leaves on my deck.
  • We met up with some friends Saturday morning for breakfast and I realized, as I watched their daughter – who is only 8 days older than Isaac – that it was time he started eating more foods (other than those weird cereal flakes that get reconstituted into his milk). I gave him some mashed up banana and then jar apples before I remembered you’re supposed to start them on something less sweet first. How quickly you forget from one child to the next.
  • Regardless of what anyone says, I really do love Judas Priest.
  • Elliot is wearing his AC/DC shirt and shoes with the skulls on them to school today. His CHURCH preschool. There’s something rather satisfying about that. I’m going to hell, I know it.
  • Check that out. Heh heh.

Ok, that’s enough. Hope y’all have a great Tuesday!

2 thoughts on “Tuesday of Randomness!!

  1. I can barely get one book going, unless it’s a graphic novel, in which case I will read 5 in one day. I do that at least once a week.

    When my kid was starting solids, I found out apparently the latest recommendation for a starting food is MEAT. Um…no.

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