So there you have it

  • Like I said, this past weekend was completely nuts. I walk around my house and feel like my life has been broken up into a million pieces and there’s nowhere to begin putting it back together. There’s stuff everywhere and I’m off my schedule of cleaning and photo uploading and things just feel off-kilter
  • I’m reading a book that I don’t find very enjoyable and yet, I keep reading it, thinking it’s going to get better. God, I can’t wait until October when this book releases. Damn, that’s a long time
  • TheĀ  running is coming along well. I ran almost 4 miles back to back days but then I took two days off. Today I have to get back to it but honestly, I feel like there’s not enough time in the day to drop the kids off, work, go home, run, make dinner, and then take care of all those other little things. But I won’t stop running; I owe it to myself to keep going
  • On that note, I left the house yesterday a little after 6 to run, feeling completely overwhelmed and annoyed by our current carpooling situation. I was angry at Ash and mad at the circumstances. I ran three and a half miles – which I have only previously done in 44 minutes – in 36. I was feeling a hell of a lot better after that
  • I’m finding it hard to blog lately. It’s not that things aren’t happening or I don’t have insight… it’s just that I can’t even get the basic things done in my life, let alone spend time blogging. I am forcing this post…right now
  • Besides, when I have free time I am either watching Bones or, now, playing Starcraft II
  • I don’t want Isaac to hurry or anything but I would love for him to be about this age:
  • Tonight, it is my #1 goal to get pictures off my camera and catch up. I have been absolutely awful about it and I think it’s contributing to my general funk
  • I’ve sat on this entry ALL day. Time to publish

2 thoughts on “So there you have it

  1. Oh, oh, oh! What do you think of Starcraft.

    About the blogging. I had a hard time blogging for almost a year, which is kind of screwy since I’ve had the damn thing going since ’02 (the current WP blog only last the later years though). Sometimes you just can’t happens. Don’t beat yourself up over it….run instead !

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