Same old, same old

I don’t like to force a post if I don’t have a lot to say. In fact, I do have much to say but cannot find the words to do so. Which is funny, considering my degree. In English.

In class today, my students presented their third paper, which was supposed to be about a song they consider to be their anthem. They had to choose one song, deconstruct it and then find a way to relate it to their life or who they are. The common theme amongst all their songs was about living life to its fullest and taking chances and opportunities. I found this somewhat amusing because my life has been in upheaval lately, what with the car issue and all the running – which I feel is taking up so much of our time – and all this making me feel so out of sorts. And then Ash said last night, “I’m ready for things to be not so hectic, get back to the way it was before. Almost boring.”

And I agreed. Though this isn’t living life to its fullest, is it? I feel like my life is already full. I have two wonderful children – whose names I love, by the way. I was just thinking this today – and a great husband (who is looking super sexy, might I add, with all this running. Wow.), a nice house, a good car, and all that other stuff that we all take for granted. And I need to appreciate that a lot more. I guess I kind of miss the way we had everything set up. Though set in our ways, it worked. I think we relied in our routines, even if that seems boring and staid.

Life is all peaks and valleys. We must accept this and take things as they come. I let the off-kilter blah of the car and vacation, etc affect me in ways I did not foresee. I’m recovering now but this week didn’t start off great; Isaac’s daycare couldn’t open tomorrow due to an injury so I had to have him here in the morning and took him home in the afternoon. Not how I saw my Monday playing out but today’s a lot better. Back and forth, up and down, to and fro. Life is like that. I must accept.

One thought on “Same old, same old

  1. Living life to the fullest
    Taking chances
    Taking advantage of opportunities

    These concepts are so relative to the time/place/resources available to each individual person. The 18-23 age crowd are so wrapped up in being all they can be that they are in for a big surprise when they end up working at Crate and Barrel or some other retail establishment and those statements take on a whole new meaning.

    If you’re doing what you enjoy and you like your life, then you’re doing okay.

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