I seem to only write Random Tuesday posts


  • I have had the most insane last couple of days, beginning with my husband totaling his 2001 Accord about 10 minutes before we were about to leave for a wedding four hours away.
  • My car, only 3 years old, managed to die while I was at the accident scene. Turns out I had a dead battery. Luckily we found this out while waiting for the tow truck and now halfway to Orlando.
  • We would have been on time to said wedding had it not been for a car on fire in Gainesville, which resulted in an hour long wait.
  • We got to the wedding at 7:30, just as the reception was beginning.
  • Shock Top turns out to be a rather awesome beer.
  • True Blood is just pissing me off. I want to watch it and at the same time, it’s just not as entertaining as I want it to be. I just find myself disinterested. But I don’t see myself not watching.
  • And here’s something totally random: Oh, Mario

3 thoughts on “I seem to only write Random Tuesday posts

  1. I feel the same way about True Blood, sometimes it just seems so ridiculous that it’s not entertaining, but because I loved the books I can’t imagine not watching it!

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