Random Tuesday – Kidlet edition


  • Saturday morning Elliot woke up at 5:15. Normally, he wakes at, oh, 7:30. Ash went in when Elliot requested the light on to play. We went back to sleep for ten minutes before he spazzed out about something or other and I had to get up. Saturday was therefore the longest. day. ever. (But both Ash and I got our runs out of the way before 9 AM)
  • The aforementioned bone that popped out was taken care of quickly at our health care’s Urgent Care center. The Doc said it’s fairly common for toddler to get “nursemaid’s elbow” and all he had to do was hold his arm at a 90 degree angle and pop that sucker back into place. Apparently as soon as it was back in, the Boy was back to normal. What a weird injury.
  • Here’s a video of a baby in a watermelon. The Un-Mom link to the watermelon cooler reminded me of this.
  • Isaac is wearing these socks today. Cute? Oh yeah.
  • On Thursday, I’m dropping the dogs off at the vet, packing up the car and loading up the chillens to drive down to Orlando for a wedding. The next day, we’re driving to Palm Beach to see my grandparents, who have yet to lay eyes on Isaac. Do I dread the driving? Yes. Do I dread the trip with two children? Oh HELL yes.
  • I turned on the TV this morning and Angel was on TBS. It came on one day two weeks ago and Angel was fighting this creepy demon creature. And Elliot wasn’t scared. No, he wanted to see the monster again. So this morning, when DB graced the screen with his sexy vampireness my son was prompted to ask for the scary monster. He wants to see a monster. Is that weird? Shouldn’t three year olds be freaked right the hell out? I guess he’s gonna be tough.

That’s it for now. Happy Tuesday!

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