Friday already?

This Spring Break week has flown by; possibly because I was actually busy and got a lot of things done. I completed a Very Large data compiling thing for my boss, which was tedious at best. I also took and edited pictures for a textbook that she is co-authoring. If it gets adopted by a program (such as ours, in another university) I may actually see some revenue from them. Who knows what will happen but it was a fun project anyway.

Today’s my half-day/movie date with Ash. It’s been ages since we actually did this. Two Fridays ago, he was out of town. Then the two Fridays before that, we were running around town trying to fax all this junk for our refinance. WHICH, btw, has been a huge pain in the ass.

One of the problems with big corporations (BOA, in this case) is that the right hand doesn’t always know what the left is doing. Sometimes they called Ash letting him know at what step in the process they were and what we still needed to send. Then other times, we’d call to make sure they got something and no one had any idea what we were talking about. Ash faxed some forms they requested last week but hadn’t heard form them so he emailed them pdf style to a woman by the deadline. They didn’t tell us anything so he called Thursday and they’d sent out stuff to the cancellation office! The woman he talked to – who was the lady he emailed it to – looked in her inbox and look! There was our stuff from last Sunday. Sigh. I am annoyed by it but very glad that Ash is handling the bulk of it. I have done a lot of those kinds of things in the past and am more than happy to hand this one off to him.

Had a doctor’s appointment yesterday and since my last one, two weeks ago, I actually haven’t gained any weight. This is the time when the baby adds the bulk of his weight so I was kind of worried but at the same time, thrilled that I wasn’t any bigger. He’s still on schedule and moving around like a tiny acrobat in there. I keep thinking about labor and all that and it’s so up in the air as to what will actually happen. You know how they say “God has a plan”? I kind of wish he could clue me in – just a little – on that. Like, will I be two weeks early? Will my water break like last time or will I start having contractions and labor at home for a while, cutting my hospital stay a little shorter? Will it be shorter, as they say second labors are? I just don’t like all the uncertainty!

Well, I have done relatively little this morning work-wise and since I have to go in one hour and ten minutes, I’d better get to it. If you’d like, check out my showroom. I’ve added another model. 😉

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