The last three days

This weekend was super busy, between baby showers (not for me) and birthday get-togethers (also not for me) and general things, I felt pretty exhausted. Actually, I woke up on Sunday feeling… hung over. Which is odd since you know, pregnant women aren’t supposed to drink. And I didn’t. But that was the feeling: dizzy, tired, heavy headed. So i basically spent most of the morning laying in bed, not really able to sleep but in a kind of trance. All was well with the belly – he kept on moving – but the rest of me was a wreck.

Luckily, I was able to pull myself up by the bootstraps and get it together before Ash left to play cards. I utilized naptime well and then Elliot and I ran all around town: Starbucks, New Leaf, Tom Brown park. The only downside was that there appeared to be some Pit Bull owners convention going on and though these dogs looked all pedigreed and whatnot, the majority of Pit Bull owners are, well, sketchy characters. To see them all in one place, as much as I didn’t want to stereotype, really made it obvious. But me and the Boy had a good time regardless.

It’s Spring Break around here so I have plenty of alone/quiet time to work on things. It’s been nice so far. Long, leisurely lunches, time to get personal as well as work things done. Oh, and……. I finally won the cat war! Well, it’s starting anyway.

When I got home for lunch on Monday, I laid down to take a quick nap but I kept hearing this funky little mewing sound. I was pissed when I realized it was a cat so I stalked outside – in my socks – to find that leon County animal services *finally* set the trap I asked for and one of those stray kittens was in there. I mean, not a tiny kitten but not a full size cat. Initially, I did a freaking dance right there in my front yard. Then my pregnancy emotions took over and for a second, I felt kind of sad for the thing. He’s still one of “God’s creatures”. I went ahead and called them to let ’em know the trap had been filled, they could come get it. When I took my dogs out, I noticed that they had also set a trap right by the hole in my neighbours’ house where the cats have been living/breeding. I didn’t ask for that one but looks like the city saw that as such a violation of code that it deserved a trap too. That one was also occupied by a big ol’ cat, barely able to move around in there. SO, two down, a bunch/unknown number to go.

I honestly did spend most of the evening feeling bad for them because when I got home, they had not been picked up. But I think the truck came by before sundown because I didn’t hear them at night. I called this morning to double check because I really didn’t want to go look myself. Even though I don’t want their crap in my yard, I still felt a twinge of guilt when I looked into their eyes. But I have to do what’s necessary. if you want to point the finger, it’s my neighbours’ who did them in. If they had just been willing to own cats rather than feed nuisance ones, then we’d all be better off. Lazy asses.

I just want this phase to be over and to move on; to let my dogs outside and walk in my own yard without being pushed to the brinks of insanity by piles of feces left by animals not in my possession.

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