top ten

Since both Catherine and V did this one, I guess I shall too.

10. Favorite Movie

People are always asking this question of others and it’s never really an easy one to answer. I vacillate a lot between certain films; sometimes I think it’s most definitely Groundhog Day and then others, much like Catherine, it’s The American President. I can’t be sure; I love Dark Knight a whole lot and I have seen some knock-you-on-your-ass movies ONCE, but when seen again, they didn’t have the same oomph. Those mentioned above always make me happy. Always. Ill stick with Groundhog Day, for now. (I’ll have you know, I asked Ash to guess this and he picked my top two. He KNOWS me.)

9. Person I’d Love to Have Coffee With

This is easy; I would choose Ash’s mom. She died when he was 16 but after hearing so much about her over the last ten years, I think she would be one of the coolest people to talk to. She sounds like she was crazy and happy and so out there funny. I wish Elliot could have met his grandma, too.

8. Favorite Food

This one’s tough; I like anything that’s cheesy. Mac and cheese could possibly be the best food EVER. But then V said mashed potatoes and that’s high up there too. Let’s stick to my old favorite: grits and eggs.

7. Something to Do Before I Die

Open a sandwich shop. Been a long-time dream of mine but always on the back burner because, really, when would this happen?? I imagine it to be the kind with a soda fountain, black and white tiles, a rack for comic books. We’d make sammies with Boar’s Head meats and cheeses, serve ice cream and other yummies. I always wanted it to have that 50s soda shop kind of feel to it.

6. Favorite Place

This is going to sound weird but I’m going to say The Pumpkin Patch. This church in town does one and I just love going and roaming amongst the ‘kins. punkin

It encompasses everything I love about Fall, my favorite season: the warm colors, the cool air, the smell of gourds and dying leaves.

5. Favorite Book

Must we always ask this question? I just don’t know if I can answer that! Of course, I have read many many books but the ones that stick in my mind had some way of relating to me or a voice that dug deep inside my memory. Sleeping at the Starlite Motel by Southern writer, Bailey White, has always stayed with me, just a little bit. There’s something about the way she depicts people and the South and random occurrences that give me that little “ahh” feeling. Hard to describe but if you read some snippets of her work, you just may see what I mean.

4. Random Fact

The older I get, the less I can watch anything involving cruelty to animals or children. I used to be able to put those things out of my mind but now that I have a kid, for sure, I can not handle anything with violence or meanness. In the new commercial for Halloween II, a little kid in a costume is face to face with the killer and just the hint that the guy might kill an innocent kid… gives me nightmares.

3. Favorite Activity

I saved answering this one for last because I honestly have no idea. I really like reading and cooking and cleaning, as silly as that sounds. I like to sit on my deck in late September and see the last remnants of fireflies illuminating the dark corners of the yard. I like drinking a grape soda while I am out shopping by myself. I like to write. I like to watch Elliot looking at books when he doesn’t know I am watching. There’s so many little, almost unnoticeable, activities I enjoy that I just can’t pick one. I’m sorry.

2. Favorite Website

I have to pick one? I’m going with Digg because I always learn so many cool things.

1. Idea That Defines Me

“It’s not OK until it’s the end. And if it’s not OK, then it’s not the end.” A few years ago, when I didn’t yet value my sister’s opinion, she said this to me and I was surprised at how simplistically wonderful this statement is. It’s a good thing to live by because you can push through knowing it will always turn out in the end. At least, I believe it will.

3 thoughts on “top ten

  1. So in anticipation of the baby, Dave and I regularly turn to one and another and ask what we’re looking forward to as parents. They’re usually little things like taking her fishing (Dave) and putting her hair in pigtails (me). When you mentioned the pumpkin patch, I actually teared up thinking about doing that with our daughter next year. It’s one of my favorite places, too.

  2. I like “It’s not OK until it’s the end. And if it’s not OK, then it’s not the end.” I may have to put it up there w/ “Everything happens for a reason.”

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