Here, there

I’m putting off the myriad of things I have to do, like work on my syllabus and write up my little speech for Friday’s TA meeting. There’s a lot of new procedures that I have to really hit home to all of the TAs and I must find a way to express this to them so they take it seriously. God knows how THAT’S going to actually happen. Le sigh. But I’m le tired… Heh heh. Look it up!

ANYway, I’m sort of feeling in limbo on so much right now. School is about to start, Elliot is about to go to the two year old class, I am about to finish reading a book, about to start on some others… you get my point. Being on the verge of a lot of things seems so… precarious. I am nervous most of the time. I recall this every year; this week is so stressful that I am anxious and jumpy. I make deals with myself: I will begin working at, say, 11 o’clock. Until then, I take what my friend calls a Work Vacay. I will play a flash game, or look up something on the net or watch something on YouTube. Lately, I have been checking out old Disney ride videos. I found this one today; I loved this ride. This user has interact park maps with videos for the attractions, which is such a clever idea; I could get lost in the endless cycle of clicking and watching for hours, I tell you.

But no another note…

Ash and I got into it last night about chores… again. I try to be good about this, I do, but my mania about needing things cleaned in a timely fashion gets the best of me. And I forget that Ash never responds to pressure. He knows he has to do the dishes but he’ll do them when he’s good and ready, whereas I need them done within at least two hours of the meal, preferably directly afterward. So we talked it out and I conceded, as usual. On principle alone do I try to win these dumb conversations; it doesn’t work. When we made up, I climbed into bed and a Friends rerun was on. It happened to be the one where Chandler proposes to Monica. I think I cry every single time, no matter what. As both characters blubbered through the proposal, Ash gathered me in his arms and hugged me; arguments about dishes are stupid. TV shows that remind you how good you have it are awesome.

With that, i leave you to work on my stupid syllabus.

3 thoughts on “Here, there

  1. That episode of Friends must be the universal couple-episode because the other night Dave and I watched it (we’re going through all 10 seasons) and, after it was over, Dave hugged me and said, “He took the words right out of my mouth.” What is it about that episode that makes even husbands sappy! Love it!

    As for the speech, quite frankly I think anything that hasn’t been said to me the previous 3 years will perk me up;)

  2. If I weren’t tolerant of dishes piling up in the sink I’d probably be divorced. Fortunately that’s the only recurrent issue. But seriously – how hard is it to spend 10 minutes after dinner to wash them?

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