Random Monday – This might become a weekly feature

I am always so disjointed on Mondays, might as well.

We took Elliot to the Jacksonville Zoo on Saturday. Really, it was a two-fold trip, because our Toys R Us is temporarily closed, we wanted to go to one in Jax for Elliot’s birthday gifts. The day was pretty cloudy, which bode well for the temperatures. Actually, the entire time we were at the zoo it was really nice. It only rained once and we managed to stand under an awning during those ten minutes. Elliot was pretty much in awe the entire time. We even let him get out and run a little bit, which didn’t prove disastrous, necessarily, but it gave my heart a little jolt every time he almost barreled into someone or slipped or splashed in a puddle. Considering Jacksonville is such a large city, I think Ash and I were expecting their zoo to be a little more hardcore. They didn’t even have Elephants! But all in all, a good trip.

One week until school begins and I still need to write my syllabus. It obviously ain’t writing itself. Dammit.


District 9 was actually a pretty fabulous film. I thought it would be good but I was impressed. I thought there were a few plot holes and you were left to assume what might happen after, but I tell you, I never got tired of seeing the alien guns blow someone up. I mean, I cheered every single time.


We ate at Osaka last night and I had the leftovers for lunch. I think I could eat hibachi every single day.


The sorostitutes are coming out in full force because it’s almost time to rush. Woo. I can’t wait until they block up the doorways to our building and I can call the Greek association on their stupid sheep asses.

There has been some kind of gnat explosion in the last week and I think it came from this office next to mine. The old occupant had a lot of food in there so when we chucked it all, they must have come over to my office. I don’t have any food in here but there are a shit ton of these flying beasts and it’s pissing me off beyond belief.

I have too much on my plate. What’s on your plate?

2 thoughts on “Random Monday – This might become a weekly feature

  1. Did you see, on TFLN, the one last night that said “At FSU you’re more likely to get an STD than a parking spot.” ? I laughed my ass off.

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