Swine, salsa, silence – an entry in chunks

Late Friday afternoon, Daycare called to tell me Elliot had a fever of 100. I sort of expected it because he’d woken up feeling warm, even though the thermometer didn’t detect anything unusual. By Saturday morning, he was in full-on sick mode, all sad and pitiful and laying around on the couch. So I got him in to Urgent Care where he seemed to feel a little better… and they diagnosed him with “Influenza A”. They apparently don’t “actually” check for Swine Flu but it was as good as saying he had N1H1 etc… Well, if Elliot had the flu then I have apparently never had the flu before. Because he was totally fine by Sunday night and yesterday. I think the thing about these new strains of flu is that they can react totally different for individual people. Elliot had a really mild case. But it threw off our whole schedule nevertheless.

I dropped him off at daycare around 10:30 Tuesday morning and then I went to Borders. And it was nice to be out in the middle of the day, doing something I never get to do. When you work an 8-5er, you seldom take time to relish in doing something at 11 AM on a Tuesday. It was nice. And then I went to La Fiesta for a friend’s birthday. I have been craving Mexican food and since Ash eats it for lunch all the time, we rarely go out for it together. And it was SO delicious. All spicy and just… wonderful.

Back to the office in regular fashion today. I’m a naturally morning loving person so I can probably get a lot of stuff done if I just buckle down. I have to make my 1102 syllabus and do all kinds of other loose end type of things. It’s nice and quiet with no one around.

I can’t believe I put an old Flash issue in with my Marvel collection in the previous entry. I owned up for the lapse in judgment about the old Supermans; glad no one caught my Flash mistake until I did.

I need lunch.

Might be going to Jacksonville on Saturday for the zoo and Toys R Us. Our store had a freak accident a couple weeks ago wherein high winds knocked their air conditioners right off the roof. And it’s been closed ever since. It was a shitty store but at least it had toys. And Elliot’s birthday is quickly approaching!

This has been a huge waste of time.

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