Getting more than you bargained for – TV show review

I want to preface this post by saying that I used to be overweight. I still am – a little – but not like I was. At my largest, I weighed a good 175. And I am five foot tall.

That said, I have been sucked into the new prime time dating show “More To Love,” starring “Luke”, a rather tall, three hundred plus pound guy who is seeking a “curvy” woman to date and perhaps become his wife. They’re touting it in the manner of: the average dating show contestant is only yay big but the average American woman is this big. Ash and I watched the first episode wherein Luke meets the girls and says something flattering and sappy to each of them as they exit a limo.

In the first episode, I was pretty much convinced that Luke was on the level. He didn’t seem sleazy or just trying to see how many chicks he can bang on national TV; he genuinely seemed drawn to larger women  and wanted to make a go at a relationship. But then I watched episodes two and three.

For one, we don’t get any of his history except that he was a chubby kid. They gloss over the fact that he apparently has a great job, close friends, and was a football star and from what I can tell, pretty damn popular. Pitt this against all these girls who – for the most part – have never had a boyfriend and some, never even had a date. The majority of the show is comprised of interviews with the girls where they’re either moping about their size and their pitifulness re: no one will date me because I’m fat OR crying in elation because Luke, oh, he really cares about ME. Don’t fool yourself, chica. Secondly, in the next episodes, he fills these girls full of crap. He’s been watching too much TV or reading too many sappy novels because he says the lamest most banal crap to them. And they buy it.

The thing about these shows is that the producers, etc want to show that they’re being open to other kinds of people when really, they only care about those pretty super skinny people and ratings. So on the one hand, it’s good that we have a show where the “average” American is explored. On the other hand, I feel like they’re patronizing me. In last night’s episode, Luke set up a prom because he figured most of those girls never went to theirs and it was some wish fulfillment BS.  But the point is that I bet you Luke went to his prom and had a blast. Let me tell you: I went to prom and it was a huge waste of time. It was exactly as you thought: dancing and drunken sex for the pretty, shallow people. But these girls went bonkers for this prom charade. Luke danced with each of them and each and every single one of them cried tears exclaiming, “we made such a connection; I think he really cares about me.” Now, if this were a show like the Bachelor, I am pretty sure the girls are saying stuff like, “I really think I could win this thing.”

So there’s the main difference: I think the majority of girls on “More To Love” actually do want to fall in love and not just win on a TV show. So that’s pretty interesting, to me.

I know this will make me sound like a horrible person but my main complaint about the show are those interviews where the girls cry about their weight. From personal experience, if they took all that time spent crying and hopped on a treadmill, they’d be on their way to losing all that weight. I know it sounds snobby but it’s the straight up truth and having lost weight, I think I have the right to say that they should shut up and work out, dammit. Because there’s nothing worse than someone complaining about something they can actually do something about. It’s just pointless and stupid.

I feel like I should just stop watching shows that make me angry but I do want to see who he picks. All the girls that are left are decent and not that malicious, except for that one girl, Lauren. She’s very… assertive, which he apparently likes. Next week’s ep promises to be a good one; the commercial shows him in the bathtub with one of the girls and going into the bedroom semi-clothed with another. I wish I could stop watching but I have to know.

I’ll keep you posted because now I am hooked and my Tuesdays will consist of “Hell’s Kitchen” and “More To Love” until the season is over. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Getting more than you bargained for – TV show review

  1. Yeah, I cannot bring myself to watch this one. If you ever need to know anything about America’s Next Top Model, let me know. That is my ‘crap TV’.

    I look forward to your updates 🙂

    1. They don’t really do that though, because he’s big and they are and I think it’s a level playing field. All I’m saying is that they weep about it a bit too much.

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