Collecting dork, table of one!

DC comics, originally uploaded by Allstarme. (Link has notes.)

These pics are for Strange Gypsy, who onetime asked to see my collection. It doesn’t seem like a lot when I lay them out like that but believe it or not, that right there is 107 issues. That’s how many I have purchased since about February/March.

In the next post down, you will see the Marvel collection. I was about 13 when I started getting into comics and Xmen so what I got was whatever was new and what looked cool. I didn’t care as much about continuity. Though, I did get every issue of that Maximum Carnage and I was proud. Though, my friend’s cousin somehow stole the final issue and I damn near beat his face in. Ahem.

Here’s a picture of all my TPBs and then some:
Graphic Novels
ANYway, I just wanted to put these up there. It’s kind of nice to take stock now and then. Honestly, I didn’t even realize how many Marvel comics I owned. Kind of nice to know anyway.

2 thoughts on “Collecting dork, table of one!

  1. Batman is sort of chronological. I have the newer stuff first but then I go back to the oldest (Knightfall) and work forward from there.

    Xmen is just thrown in there. In order but nothing special. I need a new box for all of those.

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