The post that took me all week

Why is it that I can have this seemingly awesome idea for a blog post and then when it’s time to actually write it, it doesn’t seem so great anymore? I guess ideas tend to be like that. Has something to do with that brief moment you discover them. Like when I suddenly realized that when Batman died, his sons (except Damian) all became orphans for the *second* time. Messed up! But then, of course, I realized how many other people have probably already realized that and it’s not even that cool.

But I guess I’ll proceed with the post I was thinking about last night, for the hell of it. I had just finished watching Teen Titans and the episode of JLU didn’t look interesting so I flipped it to the music stations. On DirecTV you get XM radio as well. I landed on the Chill station, where they play artists like: Moby, Eno, Thievery Corporation, Zero 7, Chemical Brothers, and Air. It’s laid back and great for taking a nap by. Or, as I was thinking last night, it’d be great to have on while you’re getting high.

Now, I would not consider myself highly experienced when it comes to drugs. Like any teenager, I took the chances when I had them. I knew some people in high school who were dropping acid all the time. I was a lightweight and kind of a wuss when it came to getting in trouble for things so the extent of my substance usage was limited to getting kinda drunk with my friends watching old Pee Wee’s Playhouse episodes. Sure, we smoked cloves in mass quantities when we drank coffee at Denny’s but other than that, I didn’t even mess around with stuff until college.

The first time I smoked pot, I was sitting in a car with a couple guys I’d known in high school and some other random people – I don’t recall it now. I was nervous but had jumped at the chance because – and this is sad – I knew it would piss off my goody-goody roommates. As they passed the joint around, all I remember feeling was hungry. The guy to my left was sniffing a deck of cards – I remember this clearly – and he kept saying how great they smelled.

There were a few other times but the time I remember with the most fondness was in 2005. We were having some people over; maybe just seven or eight, and we had been playing Circle of Death and drinking beer. Somehow, this turned into that Never Have I Ever game and our friend, Kelly, said he’d never smoked pot. Of course, our friend, Chris, jumped on that opportunity, made a quick trip, and was back before we knew it. Some people had passed out already so me, Ash, Chris, Kelly, Randy and this other girl went to our back porch to light up.

I recall now the feeling of drifting away. Being aware I was still on said porch in a circle of friends and hazey cloud hanging over us. But I felt far away, removed from the actual reality. At times I worried – briefly – that we were going to get in trouble. But with whom?  I don’t know. Then someone said something funny – I guess – and someone else replied. “Mmm hmm.” And then we kept saying that over and over and laughing hysterically. These were good times. When I was 24. And didn’t have a kid or a full-time job.

And I don’t know what the point of all this was except I look back on my past with fondness. And I don’t miss those days. But I sure like that chill music. It definitely suits my weekend naps a lot better than smoking a joint.

And yes, it really did take me all week to write that. I kept opening wordpress and then closing it and writing something else, you know, actually working. The week was busy and I am looking forward to a relaxing weekend, if it could ever be so with a toddler around. So peace out, folks. Feel free to share any memories you have that you look back on with only fondness and warm fuzziness.

2 thoughts on “The post that took me all week

  1. You’re a lightweight? I have never, ever smoked pot in my life. Probably never will either…not that that’s a bad thing. I didn’t even get drunk until I was in college…and legal. God, I sound boring. 🙂

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