Weekend in bullets

  • On Friday, Ash was really tired so I let him take a nap and Elliot and I went to Target. When we got back and E was in bed, Ash and I laid in bed ’til 8 when I got us Outback takeout and we didn’t work out and we just hung around and watched TV. Gotta have nights like that now and then.
  • Saturday consisted of grocery shopping, napping, reading, going into work(!), Buying the new Rolling Stone with Adam Lambert on the cover, Max Payne (which wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be), and another trip to Target, of course. I had to wait in line but when I got up there, the barista had already made my drink. This may be a sign that I have a problem.
  • On Sunday, Elliot and I went to the mall and Old Navy and he got some t-shirts – I found nothing for me! – and we had some pool time. I didn’t watch most of the Magic/Lakers game; it was too depressing. We watched Dark Knight instead because Ash hadn’t seen it in a while. I had to control my geek-out moments and it wasn’t easy.
  • I took Zyrtec all 3 nights of the weekend and woke each morning feeling like a zombie and needing copious amounts of caffeine.
  • I’m really struggling to produce anything today because I cannot focus. So I apologize for the bad entry. Tomorrow, more substance.

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