Lenten sacrifice

Admittedly, I am a lapsed Catholic.  Either out of laziness or sheer lack of desire to attend church, I have not been a “practicing” Catholic for some ten years now. However, when Lent rolls around, I feel compelled to give up something. It is a test I want to take on, to see how much power I really have over myself, my desires. Each year I am faced with deciding what to give up. Back when I was far more overweight and a compulsive eater, I made it imperative to fast on Fridays. It was difficult – a true sacrifice. I felt weak and sweaty and people around me would be eating pizza and sandwiches and I had to merely stare and lust after their precious food. I have since overcome my need to eat like that so I feel that fasting on Fridays is not a sufficient sacrifice.

So then, what to give up? Some give up fast food (I already don’t eat it) and others, chocolate or TV. These are inadequate as I don’t do any of these enough to matter. I’m leaning towards giving up reading fanfiction. I know perhaps this seems silly but you must understand (and maybe you do) how addictive it can be. Say you ship (support, etc.) a certain set of characters from your favorite TV show, comic, movie… The fanfiction universe can pair them up, write out the scenes you would envision if you could. It’s a guilty pleasure, no doubt, and I think this might be my offering. I can honestly say, it’s going to be hard. I am half-way through this one that is really riveting and damn, it’s going to suck knowing it’s not available for my viewing for the next 40 days and 40 nights.


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2 thoughts on “Lenten sacrifice

  1. I have never been a part of a denomination that observes Lent, but when asked what I’m giving up by those who don’t know that, I always give the same answer . . .

    Arnold Schwarzenegger movies . . .

    In my religion and culture class, we discussed the most prominent denominations in the US. After “Catholic”, the most popular one is “non-practicing Catholics”. Ha!

  2. I’ve actually thought about giving up something for Lent…and I haven’t practiced another remotely Catholic for ten years or so. I don’t even know if I believe in the concept that is God. But for some reason, I’ve had to urge to give something up.

    Of course, this something is along the lines of food–Dr. Pepper or candy, which I’ve been having more of. I think I’m tempted to do this for Lent b/c it’ll give me some excuse that may work better on my lack of will power…I guess I’m willing to try anything. 🙂

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