The Best Buy Saga – explicit

Look, I wasn’t going to blog about this because – God – who wants another whiny post? But I think I’ve reached the end of my rope. I’m actually past the anger phase. It doesn’t compel me as it once did; I’ve reached a level of zen wherein I can handle anyone and anything Best Buy related that comes my way. This has gone on for all too long.

February 2007 – I am pregnant and we buy a new dishwasher as part of this “getting house ready for baby” scheme. Go to Best Buy and purchase upper-middle range Whirlpool dishwasher and four year service plan.

Blah blah pregnant, blah, baby born, blah blah, tree falls on house, baby grows up, has first birthday, we’re inflicted with poison ivy and dishwasher begins to have problems.

Problem number one – August 2008 – Bowls come out with a strange brown crust on them. Except, we pre-wash all dishes before putting them in. Silverware on left hand side of rack still have soap on them.

Throughout September and October, the Geek Squad man comes out two times (I have to take time off work to meet him) and the first time, has no idea. Guesses it’s a valve but has to come back with it. Replaces said valve a week later because he thinks it’s not getting the correct amount of water during the rinse cycle. The thing works for another month or so.

December 2008 – Exact same inept repair man comes out. This is the third time, technically. Cannot find problem. Nothing is blocked, water still seems sparse. Says he’ll call Whirlpool and get back to us.

3 weeks later – I call the Geek Squad call center to find out why repair man has not gotten back to us. Phone monkey tries to call his cell. She cannot reach him. Sends an email, promises reply in 3-5 business days.

January 2009 – No word from Best Buy. Washing dishes by hand is becoming tedious and annoying. Wouldn’t be except we PAID for a goddamn dishwasher, right? Call service center near end of month, get supervisor on phone. He apologizes, reads the notes from all past calls. Geek Squad guy had written in his notes that he “gave up, must be their plumbing.” Really awesome of him to tell me this. Also? Service center jockey could have mentioned it. Service center manger writes an email to manager at our local store, asking for help.

February 2009 – No reply from local store manager. I call one afternoon and ask to speak to a manger, idiot claims there are none in the store. I hang up, call again. Idiot says sure, he’ll transfer me. Transferring click, then a dial tone. One more time I call, and the same idiot claims they have no managers who handle appliances/service plans. Hangs up on me.

I call the service center AGAIN, get different supervisor who says he will call a local appliance repair place to give a “Second opinion”, in case it is our plumbing, since we have the service plan and they have failed us. Info is faxed to David Quick appliance. I hear nothing. Call twice and leave messages.

Last Thursday – Call service center AGAIN, they cancel the call to Quick, set up ANOTHER second opinion call with Harrell Appliance repair. I hear nothing, call and get a message. I still have heard nothing.

Now, can you see why I feel so incredibly exhausted? I don’t even give two shits whether anyone who works at Best Buy lives or dies at this point. I just want a stupid fucking dishwasher that works. I thought maybe I would try it again last night – just for kicks – and it did the same thing. I don’t suppose it’s our plumbing, since it has worked on and off and we haven’t had any issues with our sink or faucet. Though, I am willing to accept that as the problem, if and when any reliable repair man can confirm this.

From now on, I am buying my appliance at Sears. Best Buy can go to hell. I cannot believe the poor manner in which they have handled all of this. I mean, I know it’s retail and I myself have been on that end. I KNOW how this all goes down and what they think of customers. But honestly? I have been very calm and casual with them. Never angry or shouting. The thing is, if they can’t offer service on their appliances that actually means anything, then why offer it? The tech was incompetent. He was a moron. I can’t believe they even hired him to fix – let alone be in the presence – of dishwashers.

So this it; as soon as the store opens, I will try to see if they can get me in contact with the corporate office. In a very nice way, I am going to tell them to go fuck themselves and get me a new fucking dishwasher.

Suck it, Best Buy.

6 thoughts on “The Best Buy Saga – explicit

  1. If you got the 4 year service plan and the people realize that it’s not working, why were you not given a new dishwasher?

  2. I hope you get something out of this. It’s ridiculous! Working retail, I hate when I don’t get as good customer service as I give…

  3. I’ve had mediocre success with most of my Best Buy purchases. Usually, with a plan like this, I’m able to convince them rather quickly that either they fix it or they give me a new one. Most of my probs have been with computers . . .

    I think it’s time you start shouting a bit. You’re not being squeaky enough . . .


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