Morally gray (Heroes chatter)

I thought Heroes last night was completely awesome! For starters, it hearkened back to the old times :HRG in a taxi with Suresh, – there’s some interesting chemistry between those two for sure – the painting in – presumably – Isaac’s old loft, Mama Petrelli with a controlling hand… it was all so First Season that I nearly squealed with delight. Especially when HRG flat out said how he’d always been OK with morally gray. Ahh yes, that’s right.

Also, HRG spent a good majority of the ep bound and captive (which is how I like him – er, what?) and the scenes where Parkman was in his head were well shot. Gimmicky to make them B&W but it worked in this case. I think what made this ep so good, to me, was that it wasn’t all over the place, presenting more problems than solutions. They had one story line throughout, interspersed with the recent flashbacks, which kept the viewers on track. Maybe, just maybe, the writers, producers, etc… are back to basics and have a clear idea of where to take this show. I’d be happy if from here on out, we could get episodes of this caliber. Is it horrible to say I think this one rocked because of Sylar’s complete and total absence from it? I like him – in general – but he’s so predictably evil but so very cheesy at times. I’m not saying I don’t like cheese because I’ve been known to watch some bad shows but his dialogue is always so corny.

I think I’m more interested now. Monday nights once again have purpose!

And this concludes my drooling over Heroes. Let us now find out what shows YOU drool over…

4 thoughts on “Morally gray (Heroes chatter)

  1. It must have been good . . . I heard my son screaming downstairs . . .

    I never have time to catch the program on Monday nights, so I just wait until they release it on DVD and catch it in one big enormous chunk . . .

    But now that I’m laid off, I might have to catch up, just so me and the boy can watch it, and scream, together . . .

  2. I quit watching it. Hubby says they have made Hiro into a total caricature, and that they dumbed down his storyline so much that they had him explain what he learned. Y/N/M?

    Sylar – yeah. I do think they did a good job of making the character more than a brain eater, but it seems like there’s not much more for him to do.

    I’m totally into Lost this season. They may not be explaining everything but it’s fast-paced and the time travel is pretty neat. I’m also really enjoying BSG. I know a lot of people were disappointed with the soap opera-like nature of the most recent episode, but I think they had their reasons. It’s a show that has to be seen in a big picture way.

    Will give Dollhouse another chance or two, but I’ve been having a hard time getting into the very premise.

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