Oh, Monday, you come again

And again and again. And not in a good way. Har har har. Anyway, it’s overcast, gray, and not even that cold. Elliot is home sick with a nasty cold, pink eye and an infected sucking thumb. Triple threat! Ash is staying home with him so I can get some work done, though I feel ridiculously unlike work in any way, shape or form. Could be due to MONDAY, or the weather, or just in general, I’d rather be reading or writing or anything but what I need to do. That’s always the way. I guess I’m just feeling lazy.

Our weekend was overshadowed by Elliot’s sickness but we still had a decent time. On Friday, I went to a friend’s house for Girl’s Night, in which we drank, ate fondue, and talked. I didn’t even get home until 1:30 and that is late late late for me. On Saturday I read a lot and Ash played a bunch of video games; we pretty much wasted away the day. On Sunday though, I managed to clean, and we went to the mall. We almost waxed my car but the weather got bad. Oh yeah, and I took Elliot to the doctor for his many ailments. Sigh. Little kids who get sick are so pitiful. I felt terrible for him all day.

Oh and check this out: we got into the elevator at Dillards and were on our way from the ground floor to level two when the doors tried to open suddenly between floors and then shut, causing the elevator to stop. Amusingly, the elevator is glass so all the people on the escalators could see us trapped in there. We depressed the Help button but it didn’t do a damn thing. So we pressed the alarm. Most elevators in which I have sounded the alarm (purposely of course and not because we were stuck) have been loud and obnoxious. This was a tiny “ding ding” slightly softer than a bell on a bicycle. So we sat there, for about ten minuets, like animals at the zoo. People went up and down the escalators, making funny gestures at us; the nerve. Finally I saw a woman on the second floor motion to me that she had alerted someone. The elevator began moving, as I said, after about ten or so minutes. Unfortunately, it went back to the ground floor.

As we evacuated as quickly as possible, a mother and he daughter,a tubby kid maybe 8 or 9 years old, were waiting for the elevator. We warned them that it had just gotten stuck and the mother – who seemingly couldn’t get into that thing fast enough – said “Oh no, my leg can’t take it. I gotta ride up.” And I’m thinking, you couldn’t take the escalator? She was obviously a chronic excuse maker. She seemed taken a-back and almost angry when we warned her. As we rode up the escalator, we hoped and prayed that it would stick on her and her daughter, just out of sheer principle. Lazy bitch. Alas, it did not. Just us. But it made for an interesting afternoon, I suppose.

I hated being stuck in there, by the way. I don’t like feeling like at any second, we could suddenly drop, like that blasted ride at MGM Studios. Ugh.

Anyway, I gotta get a shred of work done so I can go to lunch and not feel like I’m wasting time.
What’s the scariest place you’ve ever been stuck? Do you avoid it now?

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