Slightly crazed ramblings

Well, finally back to work and glad for it. Woke up this morning and inspected Elliot’s eye; lo and behold, the pink is gone so he was on his way to daycare, much to my delight. I awoke yesterday feeling inspired to work, to do the things in my office I’d been putting off. But I didn’t end up going in. And it’s not that I don’t love staying home with Elliot but with him sick and Ash too, my day was hellish. At least during nap time I got to wash and wax my car. Shiny! I also made dinner, for once. Seems like ever since we were sick a couple weeks ago it’s been tough to get back on that schedule. Not to mention, I haven’t even felt like eating anything more than peanut butter and jelly or cheese and crackers. Strange.

But, you don’t really care about any of that, do you now? No, I didn’t think so. I am bereft of a topic today, seeing as how I have about 5-6 things on my plate but I cannot get organized and motivated. I am too distracted by current hobbies (Batman graphic novels, for one. Blast you, Bats!). I tend to jump from one thing to another this way, becoming intensively interested, finding everything I can on one subject or whatnot and then burning out all too quickly. There is no pacing, no moderation. All or nothing. In it to win it. And any other cheesy phrase you find appropriate, and it’s never appropriate.

So, I offer you this slim pickens post, lame, sad, and brief. But you’ll find others, it’s OK. My blogroll can entertain you for a while, or my bookmarks on Delicious. And speaking of delicious, I am off in search of food.

4 thoughts on “Slightly crazed ramblings

  1. Speaking of jumping from thing to thing . . . this semester is heavy on the reading side of things. I am in the middle of about six different books, and those are just the ones for school.

    My kingdom for a few extra hours each day . . .

  2. I totally hear you on getting intensely interested in something and then burning out on it quickly. That should be my middle name…though that would be a rather long middle name…I don’t know what I’m trying to say. 🙂

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