No comics before bed

To continue the theme here, I got into reading comic books in about 6th or 7th grade.  The aforementioned friend of mine, Tracy, and I both began collecting Xmen and Wolverine. I was intrigued by the stories of course but I think what drew me in was the superhero powers in the characters and then, the brevity of each comic, followed by the anticipation of waiting for the next issue to come out. I got 20 bucks allowance each month. Tracy and I went to comic book shops and shows in the mall and blew it all on comics. I remember trying to hunt down Uncanny Xmen #256 – the first appearance of Gambit. I still have it. Along with a large box of everything I ever collected. Though the interest waned at one point – and I had no friends into the same thing – I always went back and read the good issues (Wolverine #50, Xmen #8). For years we waited and wanted in vain for an Xmen movie. Until 2000. I am sorry to say that they sort of effed with cannon – a lot. But in general, the movies were OK. I am excited for Wolverine in May. But anyway, I started reading some Batman graphic novels that I am borrowing from a friend. I read some more of it around midnight and I had to put it down when Superman showed up in a very ridiculous scene including a flowery field and a horse. But anyway, I had a few dreams last night. Here’s how I recorded it this morning, as it still haunted my brain, causing me to have a pretty tough time coming around. Does that ever happen to you? My brain is so caught up in the realness of the dream that it can’t come to and focus. This morning, Elliot woke up with his eyes completely crusted shut due to – as it turns out – pink eye. But anyway, onto the dream(w/ minimal editing to give you the best gist):

The portion of my dream in which I was on Batman’s side are fuzzy; it’s as if I were following him around, sort of like the new “Robin” in Frank Miller’s Dark Knight Returns. Suddenly though, I was one of at least a hundred people lined up along the perimeter of a large dark room we  were being held hostage by the joker. Not the movie Joker and not the comic joker but one in between. He was almost attractive in a slightly boyish way. He tested us, prodded, asked people about their families and some kind of mocking way. We were there a long time. Sometimes, people would disappear – you knew they were dead. At some point, there was a breakout and we were in a courtyard near tall office buildings. I was running from police (?) and I hid on my side, in the fetal position, in the middle of  a square bush. I knew that the joker would not kill me, for there was something between us. I watched people die all around me, flesh torn up by bullets. A hefty man was standing over me, another hostage, and as he fell dead, I did not move, but left him lying on top of me as a decoy. I was saved.

The next part, The Joker was going to let people go. Or something. We were all moving in a line to a tall building, where only I knew he was going to kill them all. But he and  I were standing in this line, my arms around him, our faces close. He kept saying how he knew there was something different about me and I told him how I had seen the same thing. (A  little reminiscent of Harley Quinn, no?) Neither of us could understand it but at that moment, as the line ended and he had to go, I knew he was setting me free. It was a bittersweet goodbye because I looked up and saw – of all people – Superman, and I’d never see Joker again. I  walked away thankful to be alive but sad with the knowledge it was over. I got into an elevator and went up 5 floors, seeing each one pass through a slight crack in the door as I climbed higher. And whe the doors split open to a large office with glass windows all around, I felt alone and empty, and woke up.

Pretty weird right? So tell me, do you dream about the last thing you’ve read at night? What’s the strangest media related dream you’ve ever had?


4 thoughts on “No comics before bed

  1. You weren’t eating any homegrown products before that dream where you? 🙂 I was a Punisher fanatic, I have some old War Journal series in plastic somewhere.

  2. I had a dream I moved in with Mojo Jojo once. Right to the tippy top of Volcano Mountain in the heart of Townsville.

    We sat around dreaming up ways to squash the Powerpuff Girls.

    And we was really funny . . .

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