Laying around eating bon-bons

It’s kind of lame to be blogging at 10:48 at night – a Saturday night no less – but that’s just the kind of loser I am: a 36 week pregnant woman who didn’t spend enough time before getting hitched and knocked up to cultivate good friends. Ok ok, maybe I’m being hard on myself. Maybe the rain and all that blueberry cobbler has gone straight to my head and the pregnancy hormones that cause weepiness are forcing the emotions out of me. But being in this state certainly plops me into an interesting category. Not a grad student anymore, not a club-goer, not a huge drinker, not a mom – yet -, not a big socializer. I’m just preoccupied. But it can be so discouraging when your husband’s friend manages only one extra ticket to the Jaguars preseason game. I wish I could have gone but at least Ash could have a good time. And anyway, I got to watch it on TV.

But I wish I had something to do tonight. Something besides watching tv and eating chicken from Fresh Market and watching the rain fall on the deck. I almost cannot wait for this baby to be born when I can start going to the free mom support groups over at Best Beginnings. I think that’s a good place to find new friends; we’ll all have something in common.


Before Ash headed over to Jax, we went and got him a new phone. I must say, it was time. His was old, beat to hell, and couldn’t hold a charge for more than half a day. So now he has a nice new, reliable Blackberry and I can email him at work now and send him lots of pictures of the baby when he comes. Makes me kinda want one of these. But I know I won’t ever own anything so fancy; I don’t see the point.

Anyway, I have a swig or two left of a Stewarts rootbeer out in the fridge and I think the dogs need to go out. If anyone has ideas on the whole making friends when you are pregnant/a new mom, feel free to share. Happy weekend.

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