The Elusive 3M Command Spring Clip

So yes, my grand plan for displaying the quilt that came with my crib set (see: picture of set) was to buy these. I weighed the quilt – well, I weighed me then weighed me with the quilt – and it’s only about a pound. According to this one website I found, a clip can supposedly hold half a pound. Well, I’d obviously need two so to me, the logic works. Of course, 3M’s site claims that “doubling up” is not a solution for trying to hold more weight. ANYway, I cannot find these stupid things anywhere. I have been to all the Targets and Walmarts and Staples and Office supply everywheres but no one has them. Well, I called Office Depot to see if they had it in their system and as it turns out, it is discontinued in their stores. I have been able to find it online but this definitely explains why stores do not carry them.

Once I have the quilt on the wall, the room will be nearly finished. I think my nesting instinct is what is driving me so crazy. I want this thing to be done now! I want this baby to be slumbering peacefully in his Sea Life decorated crib and wearing his cute little onesies. I am so over this pregnancy, as much as it pains me to admit it. Roughly 4 more weeks people. Just FOUR MORE WEEKS.

5 thoughts on “The Elusive 3M Command Spring Clip

  1. Man, if I were significantly heavier and uncomfortable and couldn’t sleep and miserably hot and swollen with carpal tunnel, I’d be over a pregnancy, too.

  2. I tried to use a number of those 3M adhesive products at our last house (and this one actually, just to show I’m a slow learner) Although one or two stuck like the dickens, most fell down under the weight of a towel, shirt, hand towel or pot holder. Unless you are renting in a place that won’t allow holes in the walls…You might just cave and go for something a little more sturdy…

  3. I use the 3M adhesive crap as a hook to hang my belts on in my closet. I used on to hold a magazine bag/rack in my half-bath in Tallahassee. it worked until someone who will remain nameless ripped it off the wall during a drunken Super Bowl party.

  4. In my experience, they’ve all held really well. One of the BIG hooks is currently holding the diaper thingy and it’s pretty heavy. Thanks for the advice; we’ll see how it all goes if I can actually find them!

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