Hold the line

I think it’s natural to be nesting when you’re pregnant but this might be a little early. I did a ton of things today. I started off by looking through all the pregnancy/parenting related magazines and cutting out good resource articles, then filing them in a folder by category. Then I did laundry, a bit of yardwork, replaced the A/C register in the nursery, installed the kid seat in the car, swept the floors, cleaned off my desk, and THEN, I took a nap, when Ash got back. A much need, well-deserved nap.

Once again, I didn’t relax a whole lot during my weekend. Well, I did watch Casino Royale last night. There’s always time for some Daniel Craig ogling. Guh.

I think my kid likes Def Leppard. Whenever I play them he kicks and moves around a lot. That’s right, my little rock baby. Heh heh. He doesn’t seem to keen on Toto though. Kid, this is classic stuff, learn to love.

If you notice the flickr widget, I uploaded some old pics. I used to worry too much about how I looked back then and showing that to people I know now but you know what? Ijust don’t care. So check out the old pics and have a happy Sunday.

4 thoughts on “Hold the line

  1. I was surprised to see Nicole Kidman in that, but despite that, she’ll fit that part perfectly. I think Daniel Craig will do well, too. I still need to go get my new copies of that book before it all looks like the movie art.

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