Third trimester woes

For all the symptoms I don’t  have, I get one pretty badly. The newest being nighttime leg cramps. They’re so horrific, in fact, that I was awakened by the pain in the middle of the night. I was turning over, still in that fog of sleep, when my right calf muscle seized up and even caused me to shout out, thereby waking Ash. In his sleep he says, “you sure are vocal about pain.” Ha! I’m not usually… at all. So it’s weird that I would wake up yelling. But seriously, this pain is intense. When I woke up this morning, it hurt to put any pressure on my right leg at all but I knew I had to walk it out. By 7 or so, it had eased up but about an hour ago, it began aching again. Sort of a dull ache and stronger when I flex or point my toes.

I have manged to become afflicted with the pregnancy symptoms that have no explanation. No one knows why pregnant women have leg cramps or why the sciatic nerve is so affected during this time. How wonderfully perfect; no good gosh darn reason for my pain and therefore, no allowances for complaints because it simply isn’t justified.  Damn.

Sometimes when I say “I’m 28 weeks” to people, it hits me that I’m really not very far away. Ash says that at 30 weeks, it’s going to seem really close. 30 weeks will be here before you know it. 35 weeks, check. Labor, check. And there I am, holding little Elly in my arms and I have a world of pacifiers and diapers and onesies all in front of me.

Well, I have half an hour before my class so I am going to prepare what I’ll be saying to the youngins today.

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