Crispy or original?

Can’t seem to get going today. Almost 11 and I can’t say I have accomplished much. In fact, I have: walked some paperwork up to the main office and posted a small sign on the copier. And that’s IT. Ok ok, I sent a few emails. But other than that, I’m a total slacker. All I can think about is how a good cup of coffee would give me the jolt I need to concentrate and organize my thoughts. And how much I want to eat fried chicken. ugh.

Haven’t really had any cravings lately – at all –  but for lunch, I’d really like something hot and heavy – LOL, not like that, people. Get your heads out of the gutter already. I could go for fried chicken or a big hamburger and fries or maybe a gyro or some pasta. Yeah, can you tell I’m actually hungry today? Most days, lately, I’ve been just sort of meh about food. Take it or leave it. But baby’s gotta eat.

Nothing interesting has happened to me lately. I haven’t had any run-ins with strange and fascinating people or seen something cool like a shooting star or a weird flower. Nothing remotely titillating to report to you all. Maybe I’m not looking hard enough or closely enough. Maybe all this pregnancy stuff has taken over regular brain functions and I’ve gone into baby overdrive. I should probably slow down and take some time to look around me, to watch nature, to be still. Maybe then I could see…

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