3d – 1

3d – 1, originally uploaded by Allstarme.

Here’s one of little Elliot’s 3d/4d pics. He did pretty good but wouldn’t turn enough to show us his other eye. He has his head wedged down into the right side of my pelvis – and his feet up near my ribs on the left – so at least he’s sort of turned downward. Oh and that’s his little placenta pillow on the left there. He looks like he likes to snuggle. I think he’s gonna be cute!

4 thoughts on “3d – 1

  1. Wow! Amazing what they can do with ultrasound now. I know you have to be excited! If you don’t mind me asking, how far along are you?

  2. 28 weeks, 2 days. Roughly 6.6 months into the pregnancy, if you want to be specific. Am in my 7th month. Which sounds pretty far and maybe it is but delivery still seems so far away!

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