Unusually busy

Yes, you heard me; I’m actually getting stuff done today. I had to call Sallie Mae (the bastards) and get the address so I can send off my final payment to them. Ok, so it’s the entire loan amount but I am getting rid of that thing no matter what. And can you believe the guy asked me why I wanted to pay off my loan? Because I don’t want to have debt! He says they want to make sure I’m not unhappy with the service. Of course I am unhappy: I have debt and those companies ruin your credit for years on end! What a moron.

I also have added my unborn child to another childcare service waiting list and am waiting to hear back from the other one; these are both for State Employees. I know it seems early to start this process but from what the one woman said, he may not even make it by January. Sick. It’s a working world these days and not everyone can just stay home with their children, as much as we’d all like to. Ok, maybe some people wouldn’t want to stay home all day with screaming messy kids. I really sound like I want kids, don’t I? I’m only joking of course.

My doctor’s appointment is at 2:30 so I brought lunch. I’m leaving and not coming back this afternoon. I’m hoping it’s a quick in and out appointment but I do have some questions for my doctor. I sort of doubt her a in a lot of ways because she doesn’t have the, um, best bedside manner. She always seems in a hurry but then the last time, she was actually warm and friendly. I don’t know; the chances of her actually delivering my baby are slim so I can only hope.  We’ll see how she answers my questions that include topics like, why induction at 41 weeks and her take on circumcision. I think I’ve made my mind up on the latter one but we’ll see what she thinks, as a mother of a son.

I’m off to organize some things in my office. I feel like I’ve had caffeine but I haven’t!

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