Mid-afternoon list

Things I need/want to do before baby comes:

  • use gift certificate for one night’s stay at McFarlin House, where we had our wedding reception. (It includes champagne, strawberries and chocolate, a stay in the King’s View room, and a romantic dinner.
  • Watch movies. Ash and I rarely go to the movies anymore – he claims I never want to – but I know that once there’s a baby, we probably won’t get out much at all.
  • Take time to appreciate sleep
  • Secure some sort of part-time online writing job. Freelance ideas, anyone?
  • Buy/pack diaper bag for hospital stay. Don’t forget socks and granola bars
  • Get someone to host my baby shower. My mom didn’t want to be in charge so I have to ask an acquaintance-friend. She’s not so close she’d do it on her own but we know each other better than just acquaintances.
  • Go to childbirth classes each Monday in July/learn what the heck you do with babies so as to not kill them.
  • Take car into Honda dealership and make them find that friggen’ rattle that they couldn’t seem to find last time. It’s a new car fer cryinoutloud.
  • Learn to relax
  • Practice more yoga/meditation
  • Come to terms with the fact that I will have to just leave my job alone for roughly 12 weeks and be ok; know that everyone here will be ok.

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