Sweet tooth

Guess what I have? Mentos! The fruity kind. When I was a kid, I didn’t over-do it on candy. I liked it, sure, like most kids and I know I ate like a pig when it came time for Halloween. In middle school, it became almost fashionable to eat two kinds of candy: Airheads and Jolly Ranchers. I was never too keen on hard candy but I sucked endlessly on Watermelon ranchers until I got that raw spot on the inside of my cheek that only a good hard piece of solidified sugar can create.

I stole an Airhead once. In the 8th grade, I was hanging out with this boy I was madly in love with, Tony Long, and we rode our bikes to Walgreens all the time. One time he convinced me to shove candy in my pockets and walk out. Let me tell you, I didn’t even eat it because I felt too guilty for stealing. And you know those Catholics and guilt, boy.

As an undergrad, I used to drive out to Bradley’s Country Store to buy the old fashioned candy that you don’t see in the grocery stores.  It was like being a little kid again. I also got an IBC rootbeer each time to go with the sweet confections.

So, your turn. What’s your favorite candy and why?


5 thoughts on “Sweet tooth

  1. I have a few favorite candies:

    Spree are my favorite hard candies. They are superior to SweetTarts because you get a really sharp sweetness followed by a sharp tartness, whereas the SweetTart is sweet and tart at the same time. I like the texture of a Spree better, too.

    My favorite candybar is a Zero: almond nougat with peanuts and caramel covered in white fudge. There is no candybar better than a Zero and will argue for hours over its supremacy over any other candybar!

    I like a lot of gummy bear-ish candies, but my favorite among them are Sour Cherry Bombs: they are cherry flavored gummies with a liquid sour cherry center. I can eat a whole bag.

  2. oh, i forgot the “why.” i like fruity candy and twix is the only candy involving chocolate (other than the occasional reeses peanut butter cup) that i like to eat.

  3. Dislike chocolate; but am a candy-a-holic. Before getting pregnant, my favorites were hot tamales. Not anymore- for some reason, I’m put off by the taste of them a little.

    I love runts, nerds, gobstobbers, black licorise, love hearts, bottle caps, cinnamon hearts, rockets, fun dip and gum. I will eat anything that has sugar in it, though.

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