The ennui of blogging

I haven’t much felt like blogging today; not feeling all that introspective. Mostly, I have been working on small tasks around the office and chatting with people. Sometimes those are the best kinds of days. And days when cake magically appears in the English office. Those, too, are cherished days.

Monday = no work! I cannot begin to describe my feelings of elation here people. I just need a day off. Although, weekends do seem to be coming around more often lately. In fact, time is passing by at a phenomenal rate. I feel like I have those little squigglies around my body that indicate high speed. Like I’m plummeting through time so fast you can see it.

My parents are coming up this weekend to claim the computer Ash built for them. They got a damn nice computer for just under 800 bucks. Dual core too. It’s about 5 times better than my machine! But no worries: I’ll probably inherit Ash’s comp right around Christmas.  I know you don’t care whether or not you can see the water rippling by the Queynos Harbor Docks in Everquest II, but I think it might be nice. 🙂

Ok, I have to clean my office – it’s just getting too inundated with paper piles.

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