This entry has no title!

I just left my desk for 35 minutes and I didn’t get a single email or phone call. Usually, that’ll do the trick; people tend to call when I am not just hanging around mindlessly playing clicky games. Oh well. I always feel better about Wednesdays than I do Tuesdays. Tuesdays are from hell, regardless of what the majority thinks about Mondays. That’s one area where Garfield and I disagree.

My parents are coming into town this weekend and I have not yet started to panic. Ok, it isn’t so much panic as it is an overwhelming desire to make sure my house is presentable, even though my mom claims not to care. And she probably doesn’t but there’s a standard I keep for cleanliness when guests are present. Shouldn’t everyone? I have to sweep and vacuum, clean the guest bathroom, make the guest bed and god, I seriously need to get Ash into that room so my parents aren’t tripping over his huge-ass quad-xeon server that sounds like a jet engine making landing preparations. Also, if you see a fairly expensive Eddie Bauer down comforter oozing from my garbage can, know that the dogs have repeatedly peed on it – the only thing of this nature – and it’s just too damn hot in the winter even, to salvage. Sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and part with material objects.

Baby update: this little boy seems to be moving around a whole lot more now. Maybe not field goal kicker, maybe Olympic gymnast? I “complain” that he’s kicking my ass all the time but I secretly love to feel it. Just as I secretly love Abba and Color Me Badd. Man, I can’t even keep my own secrets!

Pregnancy brings so many unwanted things with it, including porn star boobs. Sure, some women pay damn good money to get them this big but if they knew how it felt if they were real – the night sweating, the aches and pains, their husband constantly groping – they’d think twice. Or maybe not. Maybe the porn industry simply pays them too much for them to care. I really wouldn’t know.

Do you think I’ll get more hits on this entry now that I’ve used the word “porn”?

7 thoughts on “This entry has no title!

  1. Boobies are kind of freaky. I think I was most fascinated with the gargantuan breasticles I developed when preggers. I was a smaller B when that whole thing started, and because I am so clumsy, I hit them with the refrigerator door once. Yes, I am that kind of special.

    I don’t know what my secret music thing is. I have a fondness for Shakira and Nelly Furtado right now. I don’t know what all that is about yet. I’m hormonal… maybe that’s it.

    I woke up today convinced it was Thursday. I was so disappointed. 😦

  2. My parents are the same way–they say they don’t care about the way our apartment looks, but then I can tell that they notice the slightest things out of place.

    I’m learning so much about pregnancy from your blog. Porn star boobies. . . never thought to describe that phenomenon that way before.

    Similar to your post, Elton John has a song on Goodbye Yellow Brick Road called “This Song Has No Title.” It’s a nice little nonsensical ditty.

  3. Heh heh nice, about the Elton John song. Yes, there is much to be learned about pregnancy here. Tell your wife that when you guys start… if you plan on it anyway. 🙂

  4. Ha ha ha, um, well he’s pretty afraid of spiders and me, not so much. Although the big hairy ones are kind of spooky, they still eat small house bugs and don’t really bother me.

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