bad sequals and week-ends

Looming ominously close to the prized 10,000 hit mark. Beware people; it’s gonna sneak up on you and then – BAM! – bullseye. Heh heh.

As cliche as it is, – in fact, is there a word for more than cliche? – T.G.I.F. It hasn’t been a particularly long week, it’s just that since I have been pregnant, time can’t seem to pass quickly enough. Of course, I will be juggling a kid, dealing with whiny dogs, answering the phone, and trying to cook a meal at some point down the road and I’ll look back at some of this free time I had and say, “Why, oh why, didn’t I take time to appreciate it??” But as they say (here’s another hackneyed phrase) you don’t know what you got ’til it’s gone.

My mom and dad come into town tonight sometime. I’m hoping earlier than later but my dad’s new-ish job sort of requires he works full days. No time for family or holiday weekends! Toil! Slave away! OK, so he’s the head honcho and he should be able to do whatever he wants, but still. They won’t be here very long; just until Sunday morning, before they head to Dothan, AL to visit my sick grandfather. I would also be going but he apparently has this weird reaction to some antibiotic they gave him after chemo that makes him reinfect his air/environment over and over for up to two years. I.E. it would be a bad idea for my parents to go there and then come into my home, where I am incubating a small developing human. Yeah, kind of creepy.

I have tentatively planned for us all to go see a movie on Saturday afternoon. I’m thinking either Shrek the Third or Pirates. But the whole Pirates franchise is so sold out now and everyone’s ridden that bandwagon so hard it’s broken down, cracked wheels, a mess everywhere. I hear it’s entirely too long but I want some closure, dammit. The second one was so rambly and pointless, I just want to see Jack die and get it over with. Don’t you know that if you don’t kill your main guy then it just perpetuates a bad thing? Look at Terminator 3! Wait, they DID kill their hero and STILL made a shit-fest third installment. Geez-us.

Anyway, oatmeal does not actually keep you full like they claim so I have to SPEND MONEY, (sigh) and get some sustenance. Geez, baby, can’t I just, like, not eat for once? Gawd. (Ok, endsarcasm)

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