gearing up for mid-day

Ahh work. How I do love you… when you keep me busy for hours. I just input the instructors for their classes. It’s a tedious job but only has to be done three times a year so should I be complaining? Not really. It’s almost 11, which means it will soon be 12 and I will take lunch. I need to hit the vet and the post office during my break and, hopefully, I can get that all done in a fairly quick manner. Sometimes I hate errands.

I can’t tell if that Frappuccino made me awake or sluggish; at times I feel fine and others, like right this second, I feel like I want to take a nap. Maybe it’s the danish that’s bringing about the sleepiness. For lunch I ought to get something very healthy. Maybe a Tropical Smoothie wrap. Although, my sister ate one with chicken once and found a bone in it. I wouldn’t believe it except that I was there and I saw it; how gross. I mean, I have found small bones in my tuna before but this was an all out bone. Any suggestions as to what’s good at Tropical Smoothie?

ETA: I actually ended up at the Pitaria and I had a plain ol’ basic gyro. it was quite yummy. I don’t eat those, well, ever but they remind me of my childhood. On the weekends, when my mother was working, my father and I would run errands about town and he always stopped at this little place – the kind where you walk up to the window and order, eating around the side on a concrete bench and table – and ordered a gyro. (He liked to get into it and say YEE-rrroh). I don’t think he eats them very often now but they’ll always remind me of my father.

Not long now; only two hours. I’m feeling compelled to write so I’ll probably set down here and try to pound something out. I need to focus more on my non-fiction. I may not have had any major trauma in my life but I know I have stories to tell.

One thought on “gearing up for mid-day

  1. I know you’ll be back from lunch by the time you get this, but I enjoy the Thai chicken wraps and some sort of strawberry/banana/pineappley goodness.

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