an entry to tide me over

This morning, I spent from about 7:45 until right now, making copies for students. usually, they do this on their own but the machine was acting up so I went ahead and did it. They appreciate it and it makes me feel productive so I really didn’t mind at all. Although now, I am extremely thirsty and hungry, so I will go now to procure coffee and some sort of breakfast item.

7 thoughts on “an entry to tide me over

  1. Can I just take a moment to say how glad I am that I no longer pay Tallahassee utilities? Granted, my apartment did not run the a.c. very efficiently, but I’m gone from paying $150 utility bills to about $50. Sweet.

  2. 50 bucks for one person is a pretty good price. Our last bill was 70 bucks a person, but we haven’t run the air much and heat is gas. But yeah, Tally utilities has such a monopoly on everyone.

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