an entry to tide me over

This morning, I spent from about 7:45 until right now, making copies for students. usually, they do this on their own but the machine was acting up so I went ahead and did it. They appreciate it and it makes me feel productive so I really didn’t mind at all. Although now, I am extremely thirsty and hungry, so I will go now to procure coffee and some sort of breakfast item.

7 thoughts on “an entry to tide me over

  1. Yer damn right it does. The gas bill went up 10 bucks, since we’ve been running the heat. Come the first of the year, it will be about 40 bucks higher than that. Ugh.

  2. Can I just take a moment to say how glad I am that I no longer pay Tallahassee utilities? Granted, my apartment did not run the a.c. very efficiently, but I’m gone from paying $150 utility bills to about $50. Sweet.

  3. 50 bucks for one person is a pretty good price. Our last bill was 70 bucks a person, but we haven’t run the air much and heat is gas. But yeah, Tally utilities has such a monopoly on everyone.

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