Thursday beating down Friday’s door

Yeah, you could say I am ready for the weekend. This has seemed like a very long week. And it’s not over yet. Sigh. I’ve started the morning off on a good note though: I mailed a couple bills and prepared some food for work in the time that I normally lay back down in bed while Ash showers. I got into work, replied to all overnight email, peeled and ate 2 hard-boiled eggs and drank some green tea. I have the window open but it’s not really anything out today – except maybe humid. The temps are still warmer but come the weekend, as I have mentioned, that’s all going to change.

I am sore today and the key reason: the Nintendo Wii. The sports game it comes with has a great bowling game on it and I was sort of playing for, well, a good long while 2 nights ago. I had to keep getting higher and higher scores and I started getting into it. Soon, I found myself bowling like normal – like real life – so it’s all those lunges that made my thighs ache and my lower back so sore. Plus, we climbed last night and I was working on this particularly long route. That is, until I re-injured my wrist. It doesn’t hurt too much now or on a daily basis but put a stapler in my hand and I am useless. Movements like that are nigh impossible with this pain. I meant to pop a couple Aleve before heading out this morning but it slipped my mind. ::grumble grumble::

There are so many things I want to accomplish today that I fear there aren’t enough hours in the day. I really need to clean out my car. It’s gotten quite dirty and cluttered since the trip (and the rain – wet leaves and all) and I feel my new car deserves some loving care. The problem is that it’s still rainy and my driveway is covered in a blanket of leaves, which irks me. I hate that they never go away – even if I blow them into the street, they eventually accumulate back into the side street gutter. Plus, I need to sweep and wash floors, do laundry, buy some Christmas decorations, and do a bit of grocery shopping. You know, it never ends.

I hope everyone enjoys their Thursday – just keep reminding yourself that the weekend is almost here.

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