For the future…

An opening aside, just to get it out of the way: I’m getting a lot of hits but not a lot of comments. Do I update just to get comments? No, not really. But for the amount of blogs I do comment on, I get surprisingly little back. I guess I’ll start being less selfish. This is a forum for me to write how I feel, not to solicit comments.

Anyway, the day has been busy and there’s still more work to do. I have emailed all the TA’s their Spring assignments but now I need to add them to the classes themselves. This is a long involved process of searching through names of all employees and saving in multiple windows; the system we have is not all that intuitive either. But I’m not *actually* complaining about this work – just talking my way through it.

In terms of my own writing, I have come to an impasse. On the one hand, I still have that gut feeling inside that urges me to tell a story, to put pen to paper. But when I actually get there – to the point of realization – nothing happens. This is also the case with sending stuff out to be published, which worries me a lot since I have come to the conclusion that I will apply for the PhD program here for Fall. There are a few aspects of it that turn me off: taking two foreign language exams, prelims, more lit classes than I ever want to take ever again. But all in all, I don’t think I will ever become the writer I want to be if I don’t do this. The deadlines alone make me sit my ass down and compose. Perhaps after another 5 years of schooling, I will have taught myself the power to set my own deadlines. All in all, you have to love what you do, right?

So wish me luck as I gather my meager collection of non-fiction and poetry and piece together something coherent.

6 thoughts on “For the future…

  1. After 4+ years in a post-graduate program, I’m still not meeting the deadlines I set myself. I applaud your efforts in trying to do it yourself, though.

  2. I’m sorry! I’ve been a very bad friend lately… Haven’t been emailing, haven’t written, haven’t anything!

    I hereby make it my goal to comment at least once a week!

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