Food memories

I wanted to spend an entire entry talking about food, because I got a little, well, out of hand, I suppose, these past few days. Not in terms of unhealthy things, but in portion sizes. When we got into town on Wednesday evening, my mother threw together a lasagna. Hers is usually really tasty; not as good as my grandmother’s (and no, we’re not even remotely Italian) but it still hits the spot. I had a large piece, two chunks of french bread, and two glasses of wine, which is what put me over the top. And then, my sister decided we should get ice cream. I pretty much stuffed it in and fell asleep soon afterwards.

I enjoyed the mornings of this vacation. I woke early each day (I AM a morning person) and took the dogs out. Then my mom and I drank coffee and ate Publix breakfast bread. We read the newspaper and talked about various things before Ash, my father, or my sister emerged from their rooms. Well, except on Friday when my dad was out of town taking care of stuff with my grandfather’s will/property/etc, and when my sister worked “Black Friday”.

On Thursday, we stuffed ourselves with traditional Thanksgiving fare: a roast turkey (but just a breast) cooked on a bed of celery and carrots,  candied yams with the little marashmallows, my mashed potatoes (which are really creamy) corn on the cob, green beans, sausage stuffing, cranberry relish (from Fresh Market) and yeast rolls. Everything was so good and I told myself not to eat so fast. But alas, I could not seem to eat slowly. Which disappoints me that I can’t take the time to enjoy truly good cooking.

On Friday, while my father was still gone, the four of us went to this mexican place that had a strange name: Garibaldi’s. One would think it was Italian with that name but no, it was traditional Mexican. The cheese sauce was made with white cheese (yumm), the chips were crispy and refills were prompt, and the rest was very good. I had Enchiladas verde, with green salsa on top, and the rice was… interesting. It had peas and green beans in it. Not what I am used to but it was quite good.

Saturday night, once my father got back into town, we went out to Macaroni Grill. I wanted to go because Ash hadn’t been in years and we’re about o have one open here. I quite liked mine: chicken breasts with a layer of portabello mushroom and then cheese, with a spinach orzo side. Ash had fettucini alfredo as usual but theirs is interesting in that it’s very light; not too overbearing on the cheese or garlic.

Before leaving for home yesterday morning, we went up to Bob Evans, for alas, Tallahassee does not (yet) have one of these meccas of breakfast. Ash had pancakes, which, I can honestly say, I have never seen him eat. He ate them as a kid all the time but not since I have known him has he partaken. I had coffee and the biscuits with sausage gravy, plus home fries with a fried egg on top. Such a tasty way to begin the day. Somehow yesterday was my most unhealthy day of the entire trip. When we got home, Ash ordered Steak-out so I had a cheeseburger and a baked potato, but also, these little potato wedges. Later, after I had committed to staying in my pajamas, Ash convinced me to go to the grocery store – our fridge was empty – and we came home to eat a frozen pizza. Ugh. I bet I ate 100 grams of fat yesterday, I swear. So today, breakfast is a fruit cup. Lunch is a sandwich and a fruit cup, and dinner will probably be vegetables of some sort.

Vacations are nice and letting yourself go on eating is ok but eventually, your body would like you to get back to the routine.

3 thoughts on “Food memories

  1. Yeah–as much as I like going to visit family, I always feel a little relief when I get home and pick up where I left off the previous week. Glad to hear that you had an enjoyable thanksgiving as well. And there’s still turkey sandwiches to be had!

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