Twelve year blogiversary – a retrospective

WordPress alerts me that twelve entire years ago, I began this blog. What?? I shouldn’t be surprised; I’ve kept some kind of journal/diary since I was young, probably fourth or fifth grade. In fact, I found that little book not too long ago when I was unpacking. Honestly, I had been looking for a couple signed photos of wrestlers I got back in the early 2000s but I found my first diary instead.

It’s funny how the entries went. Most were in this format:

Dear diary, today I talked to Andy. He is nice.

Dear diary, today I played with Alma across the street and I wasn’t even afraid of Conan. (her dog)

Dear Diary, today I rode my bike to Heather’s house and we swam with Hillary and Kyle too. We ate pizza.

Obviously my writing progressed and middle school became more about my friends and boys.

Today, Tony came over and we held hands while we watched TV. I don’t even remember what we were watching!

School was boring today and Tracy is so annoying! She wanted to play video games instead of watch Mtv and Jamie and I were both mad about that. I can’t miss my Guns and Roses videos! Axl Rose is so hot!

I moved four hours north when I turned 14 so my entire world was titled on its head. I specifically remember writing about the first time I walked into the house were were buying, after living in a small apartment for 3 months.

Today we walked around the new house. It was empty and really different; like, this Southwestern theme. My room is big though and there’s a pool. I saw a couple kids playing guitar on the porch of a house around the corner. I wonder if we’ll be friends. I was listening to Pearl Jam and it kinda made me feel like the house isn’t good. I don’t know.

Soon, it was all boys and celebrity crushes. I can remember some of the ones that I look back on and I’m embarrassed. LOL. (Jim Carrey?? OMG no) Arnold though – he was super hot back then. All muscly. ANYWAY, got off on a tangent there.

When I went to college, most of my journals were about how much my roommates sucked and, of course, wrestling. That was my distraction from the rigors of schoolwork. I pretty much either complained about how stressed I was, about how I loved metal and dark music about death, and then, how much I loved hot wrestlers.

Then, once I was in grad school, I used an online place called Diary-x to blog. Everything was lost and I used that to switch over to Blogspot, which I quickly abandoned for WordPress. And now, here we are. My first few years were the details of my married life with no kids. In fact, looking back at some of those posts, it’s funny how little we had going on compared to now.

I love that I can go back to mid-2006 and see the progress I have made as a wife, mom, and person in general. It’s all there, good and bad. Like I was musing on earlier in the week, I think personal blogs are a dying breed. People don’t sit around expounding on their thoughts in the same way we used to. I am sure some do, and I bet some people even still keep handwritten journals (I do) but it just isn’t the way we – as a society – are anymore.

I’ll probably keep doing this though, because it’s part of my routine. I like coming into work and thinking about things before getting down to business. In some ways, it jump starts my brain. I have this need to share too. Even if no one is reading it, I feel a relief having typed it out. So yeah, thanks for reading if you do. I certainly appreciate it.

2 thoughts on “Twelve year blogiversary – a retrospective

  1. I love to go back and read about my life when I first started in 2005. I wrote mostly about my dogs, and still do, but I write a lot more about me and my life now. Life. How very changeable it is. From day to day and year to year. Or, gasp, decade to decade!

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