Happy f’n Tuesday

Yeah, I’m not in the best mood today. Nor was I yesterday but I only had myself to blame. I messed up some stuff and had to break down, admit it was my fault, and then start repairing it.  I have fixed all but one slight problem and on that, I am awaiting a reply email. So really, I ought not complain at all. But it made my night crappy. I got home at 6:30, which means I was away from home for and working almost every moment of those 11 hours. I got home and changed the bettas’ water and did some laundry. Then I decided to take a bath (with Bathos from Lush!) Unfortunately, Ash got home and invited Wayne and Lance to come in and play the Wii. I was pretty good about not showing my annoyance when they didn’t leave for over 2 hours. I was hungry and cranky and in no mood for guests. But by being passive and understanding, I got Ash to admit he should have asked if it was ok to have them there.

The day is getting cloudier by the moment and I fear colder too – or so it seems like one of those kinds of days. However, it appears it will be staying in the low 70’s until about Friday when, after some rainstorms, our temps will plummet back down to the 30’s at night, low 60’s during the day, which is normal for December. Come Janurary and February, the highs may only reach low 50’s, high 40’s most days. Scarf weather, I call it.

I eagerly await the arrival of my boss so we can get all this garbage for Spring situated.

I have a bottle of water but I want a Dr. Pepper, dammit.

Can this day be over now?

5 thoughts on “Happy f’n Tuesday

  1. I’m sorry you are in a craptastic mood. But cheer up — you get nice weather. I sat outside on my porch last night wearing shorts (granted, they were actually cut-off pajama pants that I stole from my husband – he says they make me look like a hobbit) and I whined about the hot weather.

    Tuesdays are very close to Wednesdays, which are right next to Fridays. It will all be over soon.

  2. Damn straight it’s hard to resist! Check out the vending machine on the first floor of WMS, right around the corner from Dr. W’s and across from Dr. B’s offices. Sometimes you’ll get lucky and actually get a Dr Pepper when you order it. Perhaps it’s time your luck changed for today?

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