scatterbrained sunday

Sometimes it’s good to get back to work. If you have too much time away, you don’t appreciate your vacations. This break was just long enough. I think one more day and my mom’s habit of worrying about EVERYthing and her nagging at my sister would have pushed me over the edge. But with anything, if we had stayed longer and I had gotten used to it, then I would have learned to deal with her faults – just like I did my whole life. But enough about the bad; the good far outweighed it. I am very thankful for such a great family and we are truly blessed because we are able to spend time with each other.

And enough cheese; I have to get myself back into the swing of things. Work ought to be fairly busy this week. I have to register some students for online classes and then email the TA’s their Spring teaching assignments. Unfortunately, I must do these individually – we have about 100 TA’s with said assignments. Fun! But time-consuming, which is always a plus. Really, there’s not much time left in the semester. My last day of work is the 22nd and we don’t return until January 1st, 2007. Where has this year gone? I can’t believe we’ve been in this house over a year, that Ash and I have been married over a year, that we’ve built a rock wall, gotten into mountain biking, bought a new car… it all goes by so quickly.

In other news, the Bears gave shit-eating-grin Tom Brady and the Pats a run for their money but in the end, Rex Grossman couldn’t pull it off. What can you say? He is, afterall, a Gator. But their Defense and Brian Urlacher gave me a bunch of points in fantasy, so I was happy. Ohh Brian, I love you (said in my best Cartman voice).

I’m going to try to upload some photos to myphotoalbum – they’ll be under the “various holidays” album and possibly some in the “nature” album, since we did go canoeing.

Happy Sunday night everyone. I wish you all a pleasant and prosperous Monday.

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