Amin autien rath

That’s “I’m going to bed” in Elvish. Yes, I am a dork, in case you were wondering.

It looks as if the comment issue has been resolved; I’m not sure what was going on.

To be honest, I don’t like falling asleep on the couch anymore. I used to really enjoy it when I was living with more people. I felt sort of safe knowing everyone was going about their business through the evening as I slumbered. But I just dozed off while watching Two Towers and when I awoke, I felt awful. My neck ached and I had a headache, which had come off and on all day but this definitely worsened it.

I went non-stop all day. Work to dentist, back to work, to teaching to home for 15 minutes, to the rock gym and finally home at 8. I didn’t much feel like eating so I made some popcorn. I maybe ate 1/3 of the bag before I just felt sick of that taste. But then I threw on Two Towers and all was well. I still think I like this one the best, then Return of the King and then Fellowship. But really, they are all good. If for nothing else, you must watch Two Towers for the big door scene. Because it’s just that awesome.

I think I’ll head to bed now. Tomorrow shouldn’t be quite as long, although I do have to run to the University center and to the clinic on my lunch break. And maybe, just maybe, I’ll pick up some food somewhere in all my work.

2 thoughts on “Amin autien rath

  1. I never saw the last installment of LOTR. I saw the first two and own all three on DVD. I just never have watched the last one.

    Are my students late to class, you ask? I teach T-R, and on the first day of class, last Thursday, I was missing half my class. On the second day of class, Tuesday, I was missing another half of my class. On both days, everyone who attended did not roll in until ten or fifteen minutes after class started. Essentially, I have taught two “first days” because have the class on the second day had no idea what we were doing. There is no first-day drop policy at UF, so everyone remains on my roll until they withdraw or fail my class. I also have a lot of jaded seniors.

  2. I only ask because I have never taught late in the day and it is interesting to see the different kinds of students.

    See Return of the King! It’s awesome. I promise.

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