The system is down

For some reason, my site is not posting my comment replies. In fact, it’s going rather slow all in all. So if you comment and I don’t respond, well you know why. (But Jordan, I did want to say hi and welcome to my new site. I’m trying to get all the Xanga peeps over)
Today has been much better than yesterday. Even though I had to drop 50 bucks at the dentist for him to poke my tooth and say, yes, you must have it removed. He even offered to do it right then and there but you know, I don’t have an extra 150 dollars and a free 24 hours lying around, do you? So I scheduled it for October 9th, thinking we had Columbus day off. Oh wait, that’s the one holiday FSU doesn’t give us. Oh well. I’ll take the day and give my kids an online assignment. I’m not talking; I swear to the lord above I will not speak because I did it a year ago when my other tooth was pulled and I got dry socket which is something not even I would wish on my mortal enemy. So there.

The puppies don’t get a lot of out of crate time today. I went home for about 45 minutes after the dentist but when I finish teaching – at about 6 – I am going home to feed them and then I am headed back out to the rock gym. Gotta stay busy. So I’ll try to give them a walk later tonight.
I might watch Two Towers tonight. I watched Fellowship of the Ring last night. I don’t know why I felt the needs to revitalize Lord of the Rings. But hey, you can never get enough of a really good, well-made movie. And I can never get enough Viggo. Ever.

I teach in roughly 25 minutes. I think my class is going to be good this semester. A bunch of them seem really outgoing. I hope we can have some really good discussions this term. When I taught one section in my second semester, long ago, we had a great time. This class kind of reminds me of them.

Anyway, I’m going to wrap up some emails and get on to class. I’m pretty stoked about it!

2 thoughts on “The system is down

  1. When I had my wisdom teeth removed, I just kept the ice on for about 12 hours and was able to eat a burger the next day.

    And I agree, there will never be enough Viggo to go around. Every couple of months, I’ll have a 3-night marathon with the LOTR trilogy. Good times.

  2. Nice. Good to know I’m not the only Viggo fan. Well, I know I’m not but yeah, every now and then I must binge on LOTR. Sweet. Were your wisdom teeth below or above the surface when you had them out?

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