Would it be stupid of me to think that my comments won’t post at work, even though they do at home? I doubt this myself only because WordPress comments were working fine until yesterday. This perplexes me. And annoys me. ::Smacks computer, apologizes, pets computer::
The day is going well so far. I have passed the time surfing the web, talking to friends/co-workers/students, and I am soon going to trek to the University Center to deliver my employee tuition scholarship form.

Part of my morning diversion has been picture surfing, which I get into every so often as I go through phases of interest with people, places, and things. This week I have brought my *slight* obsession with LOTR to the surface. So I provide a bit of eye candy for you, well, for anyone who cares anyway. (i.e. the ladies who love him).



Personally, I think he’s an underrated actor and EVERYone just associates him with Aragorn. Granted, I also think he was the best choice for the character. (His elvish is so cute.) But he’s done some other pretty good movies. A History of Violence was definitely interesting, as it was the last movie of his I saw. Hidalgo is one you have to get into a bit but I do own it. His char in G.I.Jane is awesome, as the bad-ass master chief. Not so much into the moustache but the short shorts make me laugh every time. I didn’t mean to go on a little movie review rant there but I got carried away. I leave you now, to make the long haul across campus in the Tallahassee August sun.

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