Writer’s workshop – Irritations abound

2. Tell us about the last thing that annoyed you.

It’s a general thing but with small examples: driving. Well, to be more specific, drivers. I have witnessed more bad driving lately than maybe ever before. From people going 28 on this road that, admittedly is labeled 30, but where people tend to go 40, to no turn signals, to weaving in and out of cars, I’ve seen it all!

For example, I was coming up on a small intersection I turn from every day on my way home from work. The car in front of me had cut me off just to get onto this road and went exceedingly slow. They then approached the intersection, got into the right turn lane, and proceeded to TURN LEFT into a driveway, almost running into me in the process. What. The. Heck? It’s astounding how bad drivers are!

I see this “turning from the incorrect lane” all the time. My first problem is, when these people got in their cars, did they have no idea where they wanted to go? With gas prices what they are, people probably aren’t just riding around. My second problem is, if you made a mistake and didn’t turn where you needed to, then you need to reroute yourself elsewhere, not insinuate yourself into traffic in front of others. No one out here is your friend and will let you in because you messed up, ok?

You know, one of the few times when people really need to work together these days is on the road. We are all stuffed into our caravans of steel that could kill a human in seconds flat; the least we can do is all be considerate and aware. But it seems this is a place I see the dumbest things possible and that…annoys me.

5 thoughts on “Writer’s workshop – Irritations abound

  1. Ugh, bad drivers. Don’t get me started. And I’m with you. If you’re not in the lane you should be in, suck it up and obey the rules of where you’re at and find another route!

  2. The road warriors seem to worsen with each passing day and it doesn’t seem to matter just where you live!

    Here in New York, we’re bordered by Connecticut, and every day on the highways dodging drivers from that state is a challenge. It seems most vehicles purchased in that state come without turn signals! But, in all fairness, New York motorists are far from innocent with excessive tailgating, impromptu lane changes and, riding 30 mph in the passing lane with hazard flashers on!

    And, of course….holding cell phones while driving? One of the biggest issues of all!

    Refresher driving tests should be mandated in every state, with each license renewal…just my opinion!

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