Thursday 5 – I won’t be in tomorrow

  1. As noted in a previous post, we had a staff appreciation lunch on Wednesday. They do it every year after Session for the House (I don’t know what Senate does) and normally it’s just on the fourth floor rotunda but this year it was at a farm/barn out of town a bit. You know, a wedding/event venue. Very nice and catered by Mission BBQ. Sadly, it started late due to the Speaker running late so I actually didn’t get food before I had to leave to get my daughter and go to the eye doctor. But, as is typical, they gave us admin leave for the afternoon. However, the Speaker also gave us tomorrow off. How nice is that?? We get a four day weekend.
  2. Speaking of the eye doctor, I found out why my left eye is blurry. Yeah, I have a gosh darn cataract. Can you believe it? The doc said there are two kinds: the ones that develop because of old age and well, this kind: the random, unexplained kind. So that’s…fun. I wait now for the other referred doc to call me to schedule and then I guess I am getting it removed. Ash was like, well, you can put it off if you want but how bad is it? It’s irritating enough that I’ll probably just go ahead and do it. It’s been bothering me for nearly a year and makes everything worse so I may as well just do it.
  3. Wednesday night we went down to Ology to play Bingo. Our friend is trying to get his foot in the door as an announcer, but mostly because he wants to do their trivia at the location in our neighborhood. But Bingo at the central loc was his start. Anyway, people come OUT for this Bingo thing, but admittedly, it was their one year anniversary and they were giving out good prizes. It was a lot of fun, actually. I had to leave in the middle of round 3 to get Isaac from his counselor-in-training training at the camp, but then he came back with us and had fun too. We had a lot of people we know from Ash’s work there and some of their kids, small and grown, so it was a heck of a time.
  4. We’ve had some interesting weather at the end of May here: it got really hot and then super rainy and now it is cool again; 63 this morning! The pool had gotten up to 85 but I am sure it’s probably back down to 80 now. And I am definitely not complaining about these good temps! I just hope it isn’t that cool Sunday because we’re going out on our friends’ boat. Should be a good time; they go to an area with a sand bar and just float about and drink. Good times!
  5. Tonight, the girl scout group is getting together at an arcade place for them to celebrate the end of the year. Should be fun, as we know some of the parents in it, the most annoying of whom is not attending. So yeah, happy weekend everyone!

3 thoughts on “Thursday 5 – I won’t be in tomorrow

  1. Apparently there’s no way to avoid getting cataracts. My optometrist says everyone gets them eventually. We know a woman whose eyesight improved so much after cataract surgery that she no longer needed glasses.

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