Wednesday ‘podge – Brothers, etc…

1. May 24th is National Brother’s Day. Do you have a brother? Older or younger? Did you raise brothers? Tell us something about your brother or tell us something about your own children who are brothers.

NO, but I always wanted one. They thought my sister was a boy for a long time but, obviously not. Then my mom was pregnant with twins but it was tubal and didn’t stick. I was not meant to have a brother!

2. A great book you’ve read or movie you enjoy that features brothers? 

While it may not be great the first thing that came to mind was the movie A River Runs Through it. I am sure there are many more I have enjoyed but I can’t think of them.

3. Something you think is overrated? Something you think is underrated? 

Most new TV shows are totally overrated; who’s watching anything on the networks?? Definitely not me. I think the concept of fasting is underrated; it works!

4. How much does your past shape you? What parts have shaped you the most? 

I feel like it is mostly who I am, including all the goods and bads. We learn from those mistakes obviously. And how I was raised makes me who I am, for the most part. And I guess experiences outside the family home shaped me too but I would never have made it to those without the past. In terms of what shaped me the most, that’s hard to say I guess just the things I have accomplished.

5. What’s your favorite simple pleasure? 

I guess watching the sky as the sun sets. I love to see how it changes color within matters of seconds and it’s such a nice, idyllic time of day.

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

Only in the office until about 10:45 today because they’re having a staff appreciation lunch but it’s out of town by about 20 minutes. It’s actually a location where one of our friends got married, but when we attended, I was pregnant with my oldest. So it has been a while! I can only stay until 12:45 but they said it’ll only last about an hour. We’ll probably get the afternoon off, admin leave. So that’s sick leave I don’t have to take, because I have an eye doctor appointment.

I have to take my daughter to a last day of school party and then hit the doc and then I have a variety of other things to accomplish so at least I know it’ll feel like a productive day. The weather is giving me a headache though so that’s no fun!

9 thoughts on “Wednesday ‘podge – Brothers, etc…

  1. I had three brothers, but no sisters. Mom miscarried twice and I’ve always wondered if one of them was a girl.

    I took a long walk along the beach between Santa Monica and Venice when I was there on business and ended up with an afternoon off. On the walk back the sun was setting, and I got to see the whole show. Pretty amazing stuff…

  2. I’m a big fan of sunrises and sunsets. A gentle reminder we are small and God is big. You sound like you have a busy day…hope all went well and you enjoyed the luncheon.

  3. Oh yes, sunrises and sunsets are wonderful pleasures to enjoy! Hope you’ve had a great and productive day, and that you enjoy the rest of your week!

  4. Yes! Sunrises and sunsets are really amazing. If the news shared real news I might be ready to watch it. Glad you had a short day today. Hope the rest of your week goes well!

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