Random Tuesday – And again, endings/beginnings

  • We’re well and good into the Interim, which is the time after Session and before, well, Session. We will begin drafting and editing again in late July but Committees pick up in late September and continue through December. This next year we begin in January instead of March so then, next year’s interim will be longer, with a March Session. I like this time in the office; people are intermittently in and out, depending on how they choose to spend their comp time. I am not taking any for a bit now, as I have many weekend trips planned and a big vaycay later in the year.
  • I guess I’ll breathe an additional sigh of relief once this week is half over, as the kids finish school Wednesday. We have a three day weekend then the younger two go to camp Tuesday. My oldest is trying to get a job, though not trying very hard. He was trying to apply to Publix and had issues with the portal and instead, he’s got a friend working for a local sandwich place. I guess today he’s going to get Ash to take him up there. At least he’s making some effort. He wants to be able to hang out with his friends this summer and go out to eat but on what money, I have no idea! I tell you this: if and when he does get a job, I am making him save some of his paycheck for the eventuality of car insurance.
  • With school ending and all that, I feel like I’m in a bit of a funk, though I have absolutely no reason to be. I guess it’s just the movement from one grind to another. During the school year, we have this whole set-up with specific times that you build your life around and then suddenly, it’s gone. No more Tuesday piano and dance, no Monday/Wednesday soccer. No ‘did you do your homework?’ No band performances or cross country meets. No AR goals or upcoming projects that inevitably require more parent participation than they should. Now it’s making sure they get to camp on time and whatever little fun days they have like red, white, and blue day, funny sock day, etc. Those are easy in comparison!
  • I find myself already thinking about our late July vacation. Some certain aspects keep popping into my mind: the bottle shop right next to our Chicago airbnb, getting ice cream from Mr. Freeze in Perrysburg, possibly hitting the brewery Petty Thieves in Charlotte. I know it’s so far away but I guess my mind is ready for a long family trip again! I used to dread them but they’ve gotten easier as the kids have gotten older.
  • I was really good yesterday: no drinking at all and I just had some keto food. I wasn’t even hungry. But today I do feel a little… weak. Not like I haven’t gotten enough food but just my muscles hurt. I haven’t been sleeping well at all so perhaps that’s it. I don’t really know. I feel ok, sickness-wise; don’t thin I am getting sick, but I definitely feel off.
  • I was supposed to have my yearly talk with a faculty member for one of my online jobs today but she had to reschedule, which is a relief but also, I still have to deal with it a week from now! I don’t mind; I only really messed up one thing this term, which was not opening a discussion board on time.
  • I only just yesterday realized that we have a three day weekend due to Memorial Day. That’s free time off!
  • I texted my friends to see if we’re doing anything this weekend but it seems they’ve all gotten kind of lazy and noncommittal so we shall see. I know we are all busy but that doesn’t mean we can’t try!

4 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – And again, endings/beginnings

    1. Yeah, the funny part is, on the drive to school this morning he said he wanted to open a savings account. I hadn’t even shared my thought with him yet! Maybe he’ll turn out ok yet.

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